Chapa Serve’s beginnings!

Chapa Serve began in 2008 when we learned of the lack of Congo Swahili Christian literature and were challenged to help with that need.  Judd returned to Eastern Congo twice to serve short term with the mission print shop, Echo du Kivu. In 1987, he brought his family back to serve 18 months as Co-Director of that same print shop. When they returned to the US, they brought back sample copies of all the books that were printed during their time there. A retired missionary visited the region in 2008 and told us that very little printing was being done in the area of the Christian literature. At that time God gave us a burden to do something. 

During the later part of 2008, Judd made a survey trip to Congo, Rwanda and Uganda, trying to determine how we could help meet that need. Visiting pastors and missionaries along the way, it was very evident that there was a famine of Christian literature; we felt burdened to do something.  In preparation for this trip, Judd had digitized one of the smaller books and printed copies to share with pastors during his trip.  The books were so appreciated that he felt that he needed to pursue doing more.  Upon returning, we started working on prepping a 334 page Doctrine book that most of the pastors had requested.  When the book preparation was completed, it was evident that we needed a way of producing them in a least expensive way. The Chapa Serve office began in a bedroom of our home when we purchased a couple of HP Laser printers.  As we continued, we were able to purchase some binding equipment, a cutter, laminator, and a few other pieces of equipment (thanks to a photo studio closing). Chapa Serve continued to expand, spreading from one bedroom to taking over half the lower level of our home. We have added titles to our publication list from the original group that we brought from Congo and have printed and shipped many books for other missionaries. As other titles come in, we are able to format the books and add them to our list of literature for Congo.

Chapa Serve’s aim is to improve the quality of the older books with more colorful covers and improve formatted text on the inside.  Books include text books for Bible Schools and Commentaries.

First printing of Chapa Serve books to share on survey trip, 2008
Meeting with pastors and missionary Bruce Paden in Goma, DRC
A view of the Chapa Serve office in our home.
Visiting with Discipleship Ministry delegate in Beni, North Kivu, DRC
Doctrine books arrival in Bukavu, DRC
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